Preparing 2013’s Zino’s Petrel Pelagics…

Its time to explore the ocean! sustainably of course

Wind Birds at Birdfair 2012!

Dolphin Watching by Wind Birds

2012 Pelagics Season is a GO

We are 8…

Soda Bottle Bulb [Video]

BOCAGIANA #233 26.08.2011: Black-bellied Storm-petrel Fregetta tropica in Madeira

Fish Fight: Join

Seagull Snatches Camcorder [VIDEO]

Spring Birdwatching Break : Day 5 Illmitz, Austria

Spring Birdwatching Break : Day 4 Wine and History Austria

Spring Birdwatching Break : Day 3 Neusiedler See, Austria and Hungary

Spring Birdwatching Break : Day 2 Burgenland, Austria

Spring Birdwatching Break : Day 1 G??ssing, Austria

Sunny Santo da Serra

Ultra-realistic Bionic Herring Gull

Tide Measurements: Aidablu and Oceanodroma

The story of stuff…

Red Nose Day 2011 : March 18

Earth Hour 2011 : March 26

Oceanodroma or Egretta? 2011 Upgrade

Swimming with Bryde’s Whale in Madeira

Madeira North Coast Today

7 years awarded with João Borges 2010 Prize

Any Waste Any Time [Video]

Portugal Promotional Tourism Film | 2011 [Video]

Madeira New Year Fireworks 2011 Video

Website/Server Problems December 31 2010

The Story of Cosmetics [Video]

Portugal travel agents go for non sustainable tourism

Portugal November: Ludo & Quinta do Lago

Save sea turtles from extinction!

False Killer Whales !love to play with boat propellers! [Video]

The Story of Bottled Water [Video]

Wind Birds in Radio Euskadi

1st & 2nd Record of Gadwall for Madeira

Zino’s Petrel Update 2010-10-12 by

Reply to Observations from Madeira don??t get the Portuguese rarities commi

Lack of information and organization burns any destination image

Eurasian Coot Madeira Video+Scientific Publication

Business is War (Part VII)

Facebook: Unfriend Coal by Greenpeace [Video]

Oceans The Movie

11 days looking for a Solitary Sandpiper [Video]

Oceanodroma in its deserved SPA

The Committee Against Bird Slaughter (CABS)

Wildfires in UNESCO World Heritage Site, Madeira

What a sad day…